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ESforce Holding 

We are one of the world’s largest esports organizations and the industry leader in Russia. ESforce is a vertically-integrated international esports company, covering key industry areas from the organization of international competitions and creation of professional content to publishing, advertising, and retail and merchandising.

We own more than 180 popular online platforms with a combined audience of over 15 million and 40 million unique visitors per year, reaching 80% of esports viewers in Russia and the CIS and a significant share of international viewers.

The holding also owns RuHub and Storm Studio, the key producers of media content for gaming audiences, which amass more than 400 million views annually, amounting to 80 million hours. The company’s media content receives more than 1 billion views per year. ESforce is launching eight new gaming media content production studios to further boost its growing viewership.

We hold the advertising and media rights to the world’s leading esports clubs, and SK Gaming.

ESforce’s Epic Esports Events holds several world championships and organizes. Its tournaments are watched by approximately 30 million online viewers annually.

We own Arena Moscow, one of the world’s largest esports stadiums. The venue covers 5,000 square meters, with the capacity to stage championships involving teams of up to 15 players each, as well as host esports training sessions, fan events, and entertainment programmes.

ESforce has also launched esports merchandising shop Fragstore. Currently, the company is a partner of a retail chain operating 11 websites in five countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, and Germany. We are currently seeking to expand our operations into the United States and Asia.

The international holding also owns media brands and covering esports events all over the world.